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Energreen Solutions, the flagship unit of the Group, was first conceptualized by a group of technocrats who were motivated by the urgent need to arrest the rapid and ongoing deterioration visible in almost all the parameters of environmental wellbeing.

Water Management

When astronomers search for life outside of our planet, they look for spots where a planet is likely to contain water because where

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Waste Water Management

Over the years; rising populations, growing industrialization, and expanding agriculture have pushed up the demand for water.

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Importance of water

Besides being essential for our bodies to function, water also promotes life in numerous other ways...

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What We Do Is What You Get

Business Collabration

The Energreen Group is proud to have entered into an official Business Association between FUTURISTIC ENVIRON and Sharp Pumps Pvt. Ltd. Driven by a shared concern for preserving the environment, FUTURISTIC ENVIRON will be operating as Distributors of Sharp Pumps’ Waste Management Solution – WMS products, which include:

What We Do Is What You Get

Our Works for Clients

WTP work at Goa site
WTP work at Goa site
The raw waste water which is neither clear nor transparent
PSF at Goa site. 65000 LPH
Trench with covering slab for Plumbing & Electrical lines
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What We Do Is What You Get


There are numerous methods of treating water and wastewater, depending on contamination levels
and purpose of end use.

Physical Methods

Physical water purification is primarily a filtration process. FILTRATION uses a purification instrument to remove solids or insoluble particles from liquids.

Chemical Methods

Chemical purification of water can be achieved through various methods. The choice of method will depend on the kind of contamination in the water.

Biological Method

Biological water purification is performed to lower the organic load of dissolved organic compounds. Microorganisms, mainly bacteria, activate the decomposition of these compounds.