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Business Collaboration

The Energreen Group is proud to have entered into an official Business Association between FUTURISTIC ENVIRON and Sharp Pumps Pvt. Ltd. Driven by a shared concern for preserving the environment, FUTURISTIC ENVIRON will be operating as Distributors of Sharp Pumps’ Waste Management Solution – WMS products, which include:

Association with Sharp Pumps Pvt. Ltd. www.pointpumps.com

  • Industrial pumps, Sewage and Drainage Pumps of various types.
  • Aerators for various applications.
  • Cruncher and Crusher for solid waste disposal. These come in sizes suitable for domestic as well as community needs, depending on thevolumes that have to be disposed.
  • Macerator for handling large quantities of food waste and similar organic waste.
  • De-watering machines to make dry waste out of wet waste, for ease of handling.