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About Company

This is the third unit of the group and caters exclusively to the purchasing needs of customers. With a wide range of waste management, environmental care and pollution control related products on sale, including the superior quality, branded products of the Group’s Business Associate, Sharp Pumps Pvt. Ltd., Futuristic Environ is equipped to meet every requirement of customers.

Sales and Support Services - Futuristic Environ engages in trading of equipment, chemical and biological consumable products used in Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants – STPs &ETPs and Water Treatment Plants – WTPs, besides Waste Management and Environmental care products in general. Available products are:

  • Premium quality equipment, spares and consumables for Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants STPs/ETPs and Water Treatment Plants – WTPs, allowing customers to enjoy the convenience of single window purchase for all requirements pertaining to their plants.
  • All reputed brands of machinery, equipment and accessories designed exclusively with technical specifications suitable for use in Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) are available.
  • Apart from Water and Wastewater treatment chemicals of various grades that ensure improved effectiveness, this unit also makes available branded, eco-friendly biological products of reputed companies; used for sanitation, cleaning, odor control, oil and grease control and for better biological digestion in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • Industrial kitchen waste and food waste composting machines for large quantities of such wastes from Hotels, Resorts, and Canteens etc.
  • Food waste and kitchen waste composting units for the domestic segment.


59/4320, Ground Floor, CICS Building,
Raman Menon Road,
Chalappuram (P.O.),
Calicut – 673 002, Kerala, India.
Mob: 8129194466.
E-mail: contact_fe@energreen.in