Energreen Solutions, Your Environmentalist

Consultancy & Contracting

Energreen Solutions offers Consultancy Services and Contracting for the Commissioning of Water Treatment Plants WTP’s and Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants STP’s/ETP’s, on turn-key basis. All our services are rooted in the scientific reality that each Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plant STP/ETP is unique and has to be customized in the design to achieve consistent technical performance and thereby provide total customer satisfaction and value for money.

Consultancy Services

Energreen Solutions has amassed substantive experience in the area of setting up and delivering fully operational plants that are supported by regularly upgraded systems and processes. This first-hand experience has empowered the company with a wealth of knowledge capital that renders it supremely eligible to provide advisory solutions to clients who wish to rectify or improve the functioning of existing plants.

We also provide consultancy in estimating the capacity of Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants by following the relevant Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) values. Consultancy is also provided in the selection of ideal locations for Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants; ensuring compliance with all statutory norms to avoid statutory rejections or associated delays stemming from non-compliance with statutory distance criteria.

Contracting Services

Committed to constant renewal and innovation in the tools, methods and processes employed in the setting up and commissioning of Water Treatment Plants WTP’s andSewage/Effluent Treatment Plants -STP’S and ETP’s, Energreen Solutions banks on cutting edge technology and best practices, to deliver treatment plants that invariably function at optimal levels of performance, backed by unfailing after sales support.